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About Us

Who We Are?

safagashoreexcursion.com is a travel agency in Egypt located in Safaga port, Egypt which provides epic tours & shore excursions for more than 15 years across all the legendry historical attractions of Egypt which gives us the needed experience to make us the first and last travel agency option for every traveler who wishes to have the ideal excursion. We are very accurate and professional as shown by our client’s reviews from all over the globe, ready to customize any excursion from Safaga port or any port around Egypt such as Port Said, Alexandria, and Sokhna port. Our e-commerce platform is able to provide the finest customer service from a highly trained staff which will help you at any time place. On the website is a variety of excursions to different destinations you can check them and choose what are you looking for.

What Do We Do?

Safaga Shore Excursions specialized in only shore excursions tours in Egypt specialty from Safaga Port. is a key figure in organizing the most ideal and time precise excursions in Egypt. the company excels in customizing the finest excursion better than anyone out there. The moment you land from your cruise in Safaga port or any port in Egypt a lot of choices will be waiting for you which will take a key notice to your timing above all else.

What the company offers is a chance to create beautiful memories through organizing fabulous excursions and tours in Egypt to get a real taste of an ancient civilization and culture that spanned across more than 5000 years in mesmerizing destinations Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan or get a touch of the coastal marine beauty of the Red Sea in Hurghada.

What Makes Us Your First Option?


Safaga Shore Excursions specialized in only shore excursions tours in Egypt specialty from Safaga Port. Our specialty is organizing the finest, memorable, and affordable excursions and tours to every magical spot in Egypt which include Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Cairo, and more hidden locations through utilizing our trusted highly trained Staff from tour operators, tour guides, and drivers who will provide a high-quality service.


Our professionalism, sophistication, and continuous success have built a very positive reputation which encourages all travelers from all over the world to spend their time in Egypt. Our dedication always shows in the kind and honest words of our services and how we have truly created the ideal vacation of their dreams.


Our positive TripAdvisor reviews are our code of honor and our certificate of a job well done. It is always good when our hard work is appreciated as it takes a village to organize and customize every aspect of the excursions. Our page on TripAdvisor represents the level of our work and gives everyone the chance to explore every aspect of our work and even some of our staff and a great insight into all of our weak and strong points. So if you decided to book your excursion with us then don’t forget to leave your honest review.

4-Our Quality

Our Clients can always be assured that our quality is set up to the highest level and that’s why all of our guests keep contacting and asking us for more details about the excursions and in most cases, there is always the booking of a magical journey.


Our line of communication is always active ready to care for our current and future clients. English is our main language of communication & operation and all of our staff are equipped to handle all of your queries. All of our tour guides are highly qualified with years of experience and excel in different languages like French, Italian, German, and Chinese fluently plus many other languages.

6-Security & Safety

We are fully aware that there is nothing more important than the safety of clients that’s why our service is always with you 24/7 and our guides and tour operators will make sure that everything is secure and on point.

7-Our Reasonable Prices

What makes our products more unique and appealing is the pricing of our products as we provide a reasonable price to all our guests while maintaining the same level of quality and service.