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Cairo Tourist Attractions

Charming Landmarks In Cairo

As the Egyptians like to call it Umm Al-Dunya (Mother of the world), Egypt is full of tourist attractions. Cairo, in specific, can be hard to navigate on the first visit, because of the heavy traffic and the noise. But once you decided to put this aside and started to explore the real magic of Cairo Attractions, you will definitely fall in love with the city. Cairo tourist attractions are starting from the greatness of the Great Pyramids, moving to the Grand Egyptian Museum you will ask for more. The Egyptian Museum, the older brother of the Grand Egyptian Museum, is still full of wonders. There are a lot of museums in Cairo, such as Coptic and Islamic museums. Historical places like Al-Muizz street and Khan-Alkhalili market have a lot of stories to be told. Going up to Mokattam Hills, Salah El-Din has built his Citadel that overlooks the whole of Cairo. In Cairo, you can choose your starting point to discover Cairo Tourist Attractions, but you can’t choose your ending point, and that because of the uncountable tourist attractions there.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiques - Safaga Shore Excursions

The Egyptian Museum

Since 2021, the Egyptian Museum surprised the world with its monuments and it became, as people liked to call, the Warehouse. The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Sq. is one of Cairo Tourist Attractions. As mentioned, people around the world call it “The Warehouse of Antiquities”, the Egyptian Museum contains a large number of antiquities which...
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