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The Egyptian Museum

Published At
20 June 2021
Updated At
27 July 2023
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The Egyptian Museum of Antiques - Safaga Shore Excursions

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Since 2021, the Egyptian Museum surprised the world with its monuments and it became, as people liked to call, the Warehouse. The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Sq. is one of Cairo Tourist Attractions. As mentioned, people around the world call it “The Warehouse of Antiquities”, the Egyptian Museum contains a large number of antiquities which made a problem for the antiquities authorities in Egypt. 100,000 items in the Egyptian Museum are available to be seen, and there are more surprises, 1,500 items are from Tutankhamun only, what a surprise! Do not think that the whole story goes around what the museum contains, not just like that easy, the design of the museum is an attraction itself. Separator

  The Story of the Egyptian Museum’s Design

Marcel Durgnon, the French architect, is the designer of this art in 1897. Gurgaon designed the Egyptian Museum to be the first building to be built as a museum, not a modified building. They used modern architectural methods, during that time, to establish the museum. The outer side of the building is a reflection of classic Greek architecture, but most of the interior rooms, and showrooms, are influenced by the ancient Egyptian art of building. In 1983, the antiquities authorities in Egypt had put the name of the Egyptian Museum on the archaeological list. Now the building and its contents and items are on the Cairo Tourist Attractions list. Separator

The Grand Egyptian Museum, the Young Brother

The growing number of antiquities at the Egyptian Museum became a problem, yes, authorities in Egypt can’t find a space for each item. They started to store the antiquities in the basement. They decided to establish a new bigger museum which is abandoned from the city center, but not too much of course, and in a location which is easy to be reached from several destinations. From this point, the idea of the Grand Egyptian Museum rose into their minds. There will be a space for each item, and every visitor will enjoy his time without any around noise. It is far from the city center’s noise and heavy traffic problems. Most of the Egyptian Museum's antiquities are being moved to the new museum, and more spaces started to be seen at the Egyptian Museum. Separator

Is this the End of the Egyptian Museum?

During the Pharaoh's Golden Parade, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism & Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany, said “The Museum Won’t Die”. Efforts are being made to transform the Egyptian Museum and make sure that it gets its share of guests. As part of a UN project, the Egyptian Museum is going to be again one of Egypt’s Tourist Attraction places. Under UN supervision, there are travels still visiting the Egyptian Museum. School travels one of these regular visits to the museum, and this for the sake of raising the awareness of the antiquities among the Egyptian people. Here comes a question, what is still there at the Egyptian Museum? The answer is “Tutankhamun’s Mask”. Separator

The Mask of Tutankhamun

The 18-dynasty Egyptian King, Tutankhamun, is known as the ruler of Egypt in (1334-1325 BC). His golden mask was discovered at the valley of the kings by Howard Carter in 1925. The mask is known as one of the trademarks of Egypt and is also one of the most famous works of art around the world. It is 54 cm tall, 10 kg, and 321.5 Troy Ounces. The mask seems like Osiris, the God of Afterlife, and is decorated with semi-precious stones. The mask is an image of the King’s face, the same face which is represented in other items of the tomb. The beard was separated from the Mask, but it was reattached to the mask in 1944. Inscriptions from the Book of the Dead were carved on the back shoulders. These inscriptions were used for protection. The mask had a necklace, it is known as Bead Necklace, but it is not shown with the Mask. The mask and the other items of Tutankhamun are still in the Egyptian Museum and available for visits, and they are from Cairo Tourist Attractions. Enjoy the glamour of Cairo tourist attractions with irresistible offers from Safaga Shore Excursions. Affordable prices and the finest service are our standards. Book your travel now.

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