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The Valley Temple of Khafre

The 4th dynasty of the Old Kingdom still surprises us always. The Great Pyramid in Giza, the Great Sphinx, and now we have the Valley Temple, are all evidence of how great the pharaohs used to make. King Khafre – also known as Kafhra, Kafhren, and in Greek Chephren – built the Valley temple and also the second pyramid after the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza. The Valley Temple, for Ancient Egyptian kings, marks the final funeral procession before burial. The Valley Temple is the first mortuary temple to have the five standards for the other mortuary temples to come. This heritage from the 4th dynasty is gigantic and ineffable, but you can consider this as a trial to give a brief hint.


King Khafre the Owner of the Valley Temple

Also known as “Chephren” is the son of King Khufu, and the successor of his brother, king Djedefre. Chephren built the second pyramid, and according to some studies, he also may be the builder of the Great Sphinx, but the story of the Great Sphinx is in the debate because of the lack of information that we have. But scholars are sure that King Khafre is the builder of the Valley Temple.


The Architecture of the Valley Temple

The Valley Temple was built with massive limestone stones, and its walls were plated with red granite. The loopy is open to the air, but it was once roofed. Now we can see places for twenty-three statues that were for Chephren. Consists of two main parts, the fore, and back parts. the forepart was made of the finest quality of limestone and the technique was another innovation that can be counted to the era of King Chephren. The Valley Temple had two entrances. Scholars tend to the idea that the two entrances are symbols of the Upper and Lower parts of Egypt. The Kings from this era used to hide a lot of secrets; this is obvious from the way they buried their bodies. Inside the pyramids, the Great Pyramid is specific, there are a lot of passages and sloppy ways, most of them are not the right ways to the burial rooms. These tricks are for the thieves who are always trying to steal the Kings’ treasures.


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