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The Great Pyramid of Khufu

Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife, so they spent their earthly life preparing themselves for the afterlife. They built temples for gods, and the kings built colossal tombs for themselves. The Great Pyramid of Khufu was built to be a tomb for King Khufu (Greek: Cheops), but according to afterlife beliefs, this is meant to be the house of King Khufu, and this clarifies the urge to build such a great edifice. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is not only one of the ancient world wonders, but also evidence of how creative and awesome the Pharaohs were. Located on the west bank of river Nile, once you get close to the Giza plateau, the top of the Great Pyramid will appear in the horizon. Once you start thinking about the Great Pyramid, a lot of questions will start to face you, so let’s find answers to some of the questions that may face you.


  The First One, What Is the Historical Background of the Great Pyramid of Khufu?

Talking about Khufu, he was the second king of the 4th dynasty (2575-2465 BCE) and this is the era of the Old Kingdom. According to the Greek Historian Herodotus, it took 20 years to construct The Great Pyramid and 100.000 laborers. A side question may arise here, why did Khufu place his pyramid at Giza Plateau? That because his mother Hetepheres I was buried there. King Khufu ordered to start the construction of his pyramid and gave this mission to his consultant, Hemiunu.

Second Question, What Does the Great Pyramid Look Like?

A 146 meters (479 feet) tall limestone building, its sides rise at an angle of 51°52′, and a base of 230 meters (754 feet). Around 23 million blocks were cut, transported, and assembled to create Khufu Pyramid, with 5.75 million tons as total weight. The entrance of the Great Pyramid of Khufu is on the north side. A corridor descends from it through the pyramid interior, breaks through the rocky soil, and ends in an unfinished chamber. From this chamber, there is a descending passage to another room called, Queen’s Chamber, and a great gallery decorated with Granit. At the upper end of the gallery, a narrow passage leads to a burial room, King’s Chamber. Two narrow shafts obliquely run from this room through the structure of the Great Pyramid, to take you outside the pyramid. In 2017, Japanese explorers discovered a hidden void that is, at least, 100 feet long is important to know that this is all that we know about the Great Pyramid till now. This is a brief description of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and this takes us to another question.

Third Question, Are There Any Theories About How Did The Ancient Egyptians Build The Great Pyramid?

The answer is “yes, there are dozens of theories about this”. But there aren’t any of these theories 100% clarify the whole construction process. Some of the theories say that pharaohs used some book of magic to make it done, but of course, this can’t be believed. The most rational answer to the question of how they constructed the pyramid is that they built a sloping and encircling embankment made of brick, earth, and sand which was increased in height and width every time the pyramid rose; stones were hauled up by carts moved by oxen.

The archaeologists tried to discover a lot about the Great Pyramid, every time they search for something new, they find it, and when they say “there is no more to discover”, the Great Pyramid of Khufu reveals more and more of its secrets. Egyptologists believe that The Great Pyramid was built to resist eternity and to leave a mark on the history line. Khufu Pyramid is also a mark for us to discover more monuments in the area where it stands, the area around the great pyramid is full of treasures from Ancient Egypt.

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