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Memphis City

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19 June 2021
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27 July 2023
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Memphis Egypt City - Safaga Shore Excursions

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By looking at history, one will notice that Egyptian history was not stable all the time. At earlier ages, very earlier, ancient Egypt was divided into two parts. These two parts were the Upper and Lower parts. Menes - Narmer-, is the first King who managed to unite these two parts and ruled the United Kingdom of Egypt. After uniting the country under one flag, now we need a central city to control every aspect related to the kingdom. Here comes the time for Memphis City to be established. The one who succeeded in the unification mission also was the one who built Memphis City, King Menes. The name “Memphis” is believed to be derived from the Egyptian name Min-Nefer, and later the Greeks called it Memphis. There is a modern town called Mir-Rahina, where the ruins of Memphis are located. It is 20 km far away from Greater Cairo. Memphis City is like an open-air museum, which is considered a “must-see” place, full of miracles, and the entrance fee is only 80 LE. Separator

The Foundation, and the Rest of History about Memphis

It is believed that Memphis City was founded by Menes, who united the two separated parts of Egypt. The construction of the city is assumed to be around 2925 BCE. The original name of Memphis City was the White Walls. The term (White Walls) came from the king’s palace. The palace was built from white bricks, so this defines why Memphis was called the White Walls. The temple of Ptah was one of the city’s most popular structures. Ptah, the local god of Memphis, was a symbol of craftsmen, and artisans. In some contexts, Ptah was the creator of god as well. Memphis City was full of activity because it occupied an outstanding location on the Nile Delta. During the city’s golden age, Memphis was a regional center for religion, trade, and commerce. The city’s port was known for its factories, workshops, and warehouses. This helped in distributing goods all over the Old Kingdom. To be honest, you can’t visit Memphis City without visiting the Pyramids and other necropolises at Saqqara and other monuments around the area. This area is great proof that ancient Egyptians were creative people and they also were seeking eternity. These places are the most popular Giza tourist attractions. Separator

There Is Always an End

The death of queen Cleopatra VII was the ending point of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, and the Roman invaded Egypt. The Roman made Alexandria the new administrative capital of Egypt, and Memphis was derelict. Memphis City had suffered more and more when Christianity started to rise in the 4th century CE, and fewer people were visiting it. By the 5th century CE, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire and Memphis became as if it wasn’t. By the 7th century CE, the Arab Conquest came to Egypt. They used the rocks from Memphis City to build the Fustat City. Fustat City became the new capital of Egypt under the Arab Conquest, and later it became Cairo as we know it now. Separator

What Is Waiting For You While Visiting Memphis Cit?

King Ramses Statue In Memphis City - Safaga Shore Excursions

  • The Statue of Ramses II is a limestone statue, about 10m long. Also the giant alabaster statue of the Sphinx, with 80 tons’ weight. What else ...? NO. The open-air museum of Memphis is also near to the other famous tourist attractions in Egypt.
  •  The Great Giza Pyramids are the most famous architectural wonders of ancient Egyptian. Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure are the builders of the three epic structures. The Great Pyramid of Khufu hides a lot of secrets, and archaeologists from all over the world are working on discovering these secrets from the first discovery of the Great Pyramid until now.
  • Saqqara is a huge cemetery in the desert. It is a 7 km land full of royal bodies of the Old Kingdom. The area of Saqqara is globally known for its famous pyramids. Those pyramids are the special tombs for the royal families. The Step pyramid of Saqqara King Djoser’s tomb is a real example of this.
  • Imhotep Museum is at the entrance of Saqqara. This beautiful site is a collection of some findings from the Saqqara site. These findings belong to Imhotep. He is the architect who put the standards for how to build a pyramid. Imhotep is the architect of the Step Pyramid. Imhotep is also known as the first physician.
  • Serapeumis the tomb of the sacred Apis bull. After the death of the bull, they mummified it at Memphis and then carried it to Serapeum to be buried in a huge sarcophagus.
  • The Red Pyramid is believed to be the first true pyramid in history. It is known that the Bent Pyramid is older than the Red Pyramid, but, as mentioned before, the Red Pyramid is the first pyramid to be built on the right way. After the ancient architects have learned from the mistakes that happened with the Bent Pyramid, they avoided it when it came to the construction of the Red Pyramid. It took his name from the red color of the bricks of limestone that covers it.

Tired of reading? …  so what are waiting for? … The normal standard of Egypt is: “Always, there is more to see”. Make up your mind, it is allowed to take photos at the Museum of Memphis, so don’t forget to be ready with your camera to capture spectacular close-ups of the historical monuments there. Separator

Tours to Memphis City

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