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Outdoor Activities to Do From Safaga

Published At
17 April 2021
Updated At
8 February 2023
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Outdoor Activities to Do from Safaga - Safaga Shore Excursions

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The beautiful city of Safaga is located near Hurghada, only about 53 Km south of the city. It has been an ancient marine but it was renowned because of its remarkable black sand dunes, beautiful unpolluted atmosphere, and its incredible mineral springs. Safaga port is a very vital Egyptian marine port and Safaga is mainly considered a very important Phosphate export center in Egypt and in addition to this, it is a very important therapeutic destination that offers to its visitors the best cure for rheumatoid, psoriasis, mild neck, arthritis, and also a lot of improvement in the blood circulation.

Safaga is also known for its impressive pure beaches and its captivating diving spots that attract all divers from all around the world and although it is mainly known as an eminent diving & snorkeling site, it is more renowned for the best kite & windsurfing and that was the reason that made the city the best setting for the 1993 World Windsurfing Championship. There are lots of incredible things that you can enjoy while being in Safaga and there are also very interesting outdoors that you can arrange from such a gorgeous site and here are the most favorable outdoors activities that you can enjoy from such a terrific tourist spot.

Best Outdoor Activities to Do from Safaga

1. Enjoy A Remarkable Visit to the Amazing Luxor City

Among the most interesting Egyptian cities that you should definitely visit whenever you get the chance is the breathtaking Luxor city that is known to be the greatest open-air museum in the world because of the number of attractions that are located on its land since the city was established in the location of the ancient Thebes that has been once the great capital of ancient Egypt. The most amazing thing about having a tour from Safaga to Luxor is that it takes only around three hours driving to reach Luxor so you won’t miss any of your valuable time in Egypt and you will definitely have a special experience. There are tens of unrivaled sightseeing that you will find on the east and the west banks of Luxor and here is the list of the most astonishing ones that must be visited especially from Safaga:

  • The Majestic Valley of the Kings

This wonderful ancient Egyptian site has been the final resting place for the majority of Egypt’s kings who ruled during the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. Inside the valley, you will definitely get amazed with the wall paintings of each tomb that narrate the most important events in the life of each king. You will find in there around 63 tombs and you can enter some of them with no extra tickets but there are really captivating tombs to important kings that need extra tickets to be able to enter just like the tombs of king Ramses VI, the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Seti I, and other amazing ones that will allow you to learn lots of hypnotic things regarding the ancient Egyptian civilization.

  • Colossi of Memnon

There are two gigantic statues that are standing beside the road between the Valley of the Queens and Medinet Habu which are called Colossi of Memnon and this is also another bewitching site that used to include the huge mortuary temple of the successful pharaoh, Amenophis III “Amenhotep III” and those two statues are the last remaining part of his temple complex. Those statues were carved out of hard yellowish-brown sandstone. The statue to the south is much better preserved than the one to the north but the north colossus has been famous for the musical statue as people used to hear some music from it in the early morning so it is going to be such an amazing experience to visit while being in Luxor.

  • The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

This magnificent temple is known as the temple of Deir El-Bahri and it was mainly built for Queen Hatshepsut who managed to rule Egypt like a real successful pharaoh. This temple was modeled after the famous temple of Mentuhotep II as Queen Hatshepsut was an admirer of that time so she designed her own temple to look like that one but on a much grander scale.

  • Karnak Temples Complex

This is one of the tiptop temples in Egypt if not the most visited one. The Complex contains lots of fantastic temples, chapels, pylons, and all of the breathtaking items that date back to the great ancient Egyptian civilization and show a great part of the ancient religious rituals that the ancients believed in. You will find there the Great temple of Amun, the astonishing Temple of Khons, and the incredible Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III.

  • Luxor Temple

This is another example of the majestic construction improvements which the ancients reached through the different centuries. That temple was first built by Amenophis III and it comprises lots of chapels of different deities, a huge Hypostyle Hall, and an open Peristyle Court. Lots of Pharaohs have added and changed in the temple including Amenophis IV, Tutankhamun, Seti I, Ramses II, and lots of other great pharaohs and that is why it is rich with the most fascinating attractions.

  • Valley of the Queens

It is similar to the Valley of the Kings but it contains the tombs of the ancient Egyptian Queens whole ruled Egypt during the 19th and 20th dynasties. You will find there 80 amazing tombs which were excavated between 1903 and 1905. The most exceptional & gorgeous tomb in the Valley is the one dedicated to Queen Nefertari, the wife of King Ramses II and it is considered the finest tomb in the while west bank as its ceilings and its walls are covered with impressive colored scenes that celebrate the magnificent beauty of Queen Nefertari.

  • Dendera Temple

This temple is located 76 km north of Luxor and it impresses with its dignified adaptation to its purposes. You will find there so many amazing inscriptions on its walls and it is considered the best possible example on ancient Egyptian decorative art.

  • Abydos Temple

Abydos temple Complex is located 162 Km north of Luxor city and is actually the oldest complex in Egypt that is associated with Thinis, the first capital of Egypt. It is also believed that many kings who ruled Egypt during the 1st and the 2nd dynasties are buried there.

With a one day tour, you will be able to visit some of the most majestic attractions we have mentioned in Luxor from Safaga and if you have the chance to spend an extra day, then that will be much better as each second you spend in this magical Egyptian city, allow you to know more facts and incredible secrets about the great ancient Egyptian civilization.

2. Don’t Miss A Special Tour to Cairo City

Now let’s move to another terrific Egyptian city which is actually the modern Capital of Egypt and you should definitely pay a visit to it while being in Safaga since you will be face to face with the most incredible and the greatest attractions ever existed on earth including the following list:

  • Giza Pyramids Complex

We have learned lots of things about this bewitching ancient site and how it is really a magnificent achievement by the ancient Egyptians as up to date, there are still secrets and mysteries about how the ancients managed to build such massive three pyramids and what was their real intention behind the construction of them, were they only built to be the tombs of the Pharaohs, or they wanted to build some landmarks behind the one’s mind?? You will know a lot about such facts while visiting Giza from Safaga.

  • The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is another marvelous site in Egypt that narrates dozens of stories regarding the ancient Egyptian civilization on its different stages and during the leadership of various kings and queens. You will find there a room where the mummies of the ancient Egyptian kings were found, thousands of artifacts, lots of monuments, and your tour guide will take you to a matchless room where the treasures that were found inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb were found.

  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar

You can’t leave Egypt without enjoying a shopping tour in khan El-Khalili Bazaar which is called the biggest open-air market as you will be able to find there numerous stores & shops that sell all of the items that you may need including accessories, foodstuff, clothes, footwear, spices, souvenirs, and many other things that are really worth your visit.

3. Enjoy the Most Magnificent Snorkeling Excursion in Hurghada City

If you are on the board of your cruise that embarks in Safaga and you have a day or two and you don’t know the best way to relax and enjoy the beautiful golden sandy beaches, then we will assist you to enjoy the best time ever in the gorgeous Hurghada City that is rich with the most magical snorkeling and diving spots and you will be able to enjoy the best possible water excursions from Safaga Port.

So what is your decision? Would you like to have a time-machine adventure back to the time of the ancient Pharaohs or would you prefer enjoying a recreational tour in front of the best coastal beaches all over Egypt??? Whatever your decision is, we are here to assist you with Safaga Shore Excursions and once you pick the most suitable tour you want to enjoy, we will assist you in having the best possible vacation ever.

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